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Lil’ Wanye [sic]

Despite all the previous 11 acts that day starting on time, Lil’ Wayne decided to buck the trend and make his fans wait for his performance genius. Thirty minutes after he was supposed to take the stage, members of his entourage began milling about, taking pictures of the crowd. After ten minutes of this self-congratulatory circus, a chorus of boos rang out from the audience. Finally, Lil’ Wayne took the stage forty minutes late. In a perfect world, this would have meant that he would play a twenty minute set. However, his fair weather fans were easily mollified by his misogynistic lyrics and air humping to “Pussy Monster”. Someone also thought it would be a good idea to let Lil’ Wayne have a guitar. Please believe me, Lil’ Weezy can’t play the guitar any more than Stephen Hawking can sing Opera. Finally, Kanye West, no stranger to making his fans wait, showed up for a duet.

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Give me a f&$%ing break Kanye…

bonnaroo_f_kanye.JPGKanye finally breaks his silence on the Bonnaroo fiasco here.

Choice quotes from the article:

West also blamed thrown bottles for malfunctions with his “Jane screen.” (In the concept concert, Jane is the HAL-like disembodied female robotic voice of his spaceship.)

West concluded by saying his elaborate stage cuts his payday in half and leaves him icing his knees.

Are you fucking serious? Come on man, that is some ridiculous shit. Are we supposed to be ok with this now that he apologized and then whined and diatribed and shifted blame everywhere but to himself? The man is like a ranting child. Check his hilarious blog entry after the jump:

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Bonnaroo 2008: Day 3 in Review

nice sax and tubaAs I meandered over to the Which Stage to wait for Sharon Jones, I heard strains of brass-driven jazz.  Soul Rebels Brass Band weren’t in the booklet schedule, but they more than satisfied my desire for groovy funk.  They combine a hip-hop approach to performance with jazz, funk and reggae.  Obviously really talented instrumentalists and veteran jamsters, they formed some tight, impromptu sounding grooves that really energized the crowd.

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