Aural States Fest 2009: Photos (Shantel)

Wye Oak is already posted, and over the next 11 days we’ll be posting the rest of the live audio and tons more coverage from our first annual Aural States Fest! Thanks for coming out!

All photos: Shantel Mitchell

OK, I am sure I am not alone in thinking that this was one of the best shows that I’ve been to in awhile. Not only did this show run so smoothly with both stages in action at all times, but it was also a night filled with some of the best bands from Baltimore and DC. I mean, 12 bands on two club stages over a period of about 6 hours – for only $10 bucks: who could want for more? Well, there was also free coffee (thanks to Zeke’s Coffee in Parkville) and door gifts for those who came early – filled with vinyl, CDs, books, and other goodies (thanks to Soundgarden, Atomic Books and a slew of record labels).

This was the perfect event. If you were there, I am sure you are agreeing with me and if you weren’t, well then you missed an awesome show! Here are my photos from the evening. I was able to get all of the bands but two: Title Tracks and Hollywood (so sorry!). I picked out a few from each band. If you want to check out everything, you can see them here.

Andy Abelow

Andy Abelow, a solo artist who also performs in Small Sur started the evening, featuring accompaniment by Austin and Bob from Small Sur, Caleb Stine, John Varrone and Bethany Dinsick.





I love percussion and drums, so computer programed sounds with intense drumming was awesome for me! His set sparked a lot of energy for the evening!


Sri Aurobindo

This band had a sound very reminiscent of Black Sabbath. Low lights and incense also helped to create the mood of this band’s musical style.





Imperial China

Setting up on the floor meant that this band needed a lot of room, and they used it! I was completely impressed by Imperial China. Bands this wild are ALWAYS fun to photograph!



Lo Moda

This 6-piece featured climactic music that exploded with tension in both the instruments and vocals. They put on an AMAZING performance!



The room was PACKED for Caverns. So much so that I had to stand on the steps on the side of the stage to take photos. Everyone in the crowd thoroughly enjoyed this band’s performance!


Wye Oak

Considering that this was Wye Oak’s first show in like 3 months, they certainly filled the house! They are currently recording their next album and treated the crowd to three new songs!



Small Sur

Small Sur, with Andy Abelow from earlier in the evening, followed Title Tracks which I missed (I was caught up in Wye Oak’s performance).

















Arbouretum headlined the evening on the main stage and featured Jenn Wasner of Wye Oak on vocals for a song! It was a special treat in the middle of their set.

















Pleasant Livers

Well, what can I say? I was intrigued, mesmerized, and I definitely want to see them again! Pleasant Livers preceded the last band of the evening (HOLLYWOOD) which I missed.



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4 Responses to “Aural States Fest 2009: Photos (Shantel)”

  1. Daily Breather says:

    Wow! Thanks for the photos, it helped me put faces to the names. I agree 100% that this was the show of the year (so what if it’s only January). I was so impressed by bands (all of which I heard for the first time so there was little fanboy biased for me). I can’t say enough good things about this event. The second night had different music but the same vibe and excitement and was going strong well after 3am.

  2. Mogwaione says:

    Greg, you did such a great job with this show and you have wonderful taste in music. That’s what makes Aural States so special.

  3. matt says:

    The night was so much fun. It was such an eclectic group of bands, and it was great being able to move between the two rooms throughout the evening and check out what each act was doing. Thanks Greg, Alex, Alexa and everyone else!!!!!

  4. brian says:

    this show was such a blast. we (imperial china) felt honored to be a part of such an amazing collection of bands and i still can’t believe that the turn-out was so large! thanks to greg, alex, alexa, and everyone else at aural states for putting on such a great show. best show of 2009!

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