Lil’ Wanye [sic]

Despite all the previous 11 acts that day starting on time, Lil’ Wayne decided to buck the trend and make his fans wait for his performance genius. Thirty minutes after he was supposed to take the stage, members of his entourage began milling about, taking pictures of the crowd. After ten minutes of this self-congratulatory circus, a chorus of boos rang out from the audience. Finally, Lil’ Wayne took the stage forty minutes late. In a perfect world, this would have meant that he would play a twenty minute set. However, his fair weather fans were easily mollified by his misogynistic lyrics and air humping to “Pussy Monster”. Someone also thought it would be a good idea to let Lil’ Wayne have a guitar. Please believe me, Lil’ Weezy can’t play the guitar any more than Stephen Hawking can sing Opera. Finally, Kanye West, no stranger to making his fans wait, showed up for a duet.

Within fifteen minutes of Lil’ Wayne leaving the stage, The Black Keys were on and roaring. They were playing unusually furiously like they had something to get off their chests. After playing only 25 minutes, Dan Auerbach announced that they would play only two more songs. The crowd went ballistic with a chorus of boos and raised middle fingers. Auerbach added, “You can thank Lil’ Wayne for that one.” to which people began shouting “Fuck Wayne!”. Moments later, the message, “Lil Wayne ruined v fest” scrolled across the LED banner above the south stage in five foot tall letters. It remains to be seen, how long will Kanye make his fans wait for his evening set?

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  1. Alex Mudge says:

    I sort of felt sorry for lil wayne when i heard his daughter died. then it turned out to be a rumor, and i became even more annoyed with him.

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