Black Cab Sessions are genius…and Beach House "Heart of Chambers" video

So…fancy yourself a Daytrotter fan? Well they’ve got nothing on these guys. Welcome to Thunderdome. The gauntlet has been laid, my dear friends.

The gist is this: grab your favorite indie artists, including Spoon, Daniel Johnston, Okkervil River the National, and Elvis Perkins…stick them in the back of a cab and have them play. Whilst driving around. Genius.

In other news…Beach House’s record release went swimmingly last night at the G-Spot. Check out their latest video, just released, for track “Heart of Chambers” after the jump.
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Say Hi (To Your Mom) Interview (w/ Eric Elbogen)

Here, I present to you, dear reader, our latest exclusive interview with Eric Elbogen aka Say Hi (To Your Mom). Say Hi produce some of the most endearing glitch-pop to be gleaned from Casio equipment. Elbogen’s patented, slightly off-key vocals combined with his impeccable sense of melody make for many beautiful moments…even if a large proportion of his back-catalog is about topics that are generally perceived as less-than-serious (vampires, robots, Star Trek).

Currently, he is on tour supporting his 2007 release The Wishes and the Glitches, and took some time out on Thursday to chat with us a bit.

Enjoy! And don’t forget to catch his show Backstage at the Black Cat in DC next week, Tues Mar4. $10, 9:00PM doors.
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The Death Set – "Worldwide" album review

The Death Set are about to make Baltimore’s next major foray into the happy areas of indie minds everywhere with their release of their debut LP Worldwide (after 3 EP releases).

If you’ve ever wished for an ass-load more drum machine or laptop-sourced glitchiness with your punk music…you need to be into this band. Originally hailing from the Gold Coast, Australia, Johnny Siera and Beau Velasco hoofed it to our shores a few years ago, landing first in Brooklyn, then high-tailing it to our fair, charming city and buddying up with Wham City, Dan Deacon and their ilk while residing and recording in the Copy Cat.
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Beach House and Wye Oak shows this week

Just a friendly reminder to one and all that two of Baltimore’s Pitchfork-approved superstars, Beach House and Wye Oak, both have hometown shows this week.

Beach House kicks off their tour tonight with a record release show for Devotion at the G-Spot. Doors at 8, show at 9. Tickets are $8. Papercuts opens.

Wye Oak has a show this Saturday at the Creative Alliance over by Patterson Park. Also $8 at 8PM with LO MOdA opening.

Support local music and see these kids before they REALLY blow up.

Stars Interview (w/ Amy Milan)

Stars are one of the many indie darlings spewing out of our more caring and common sensical neighbor to the north known as Canada.

Amy Milan (also of BSS), while touring in Australia, took a few brief moments to briefly, yet whimsically, answer some questions I emailed over to her.

See what she had to say/text/email, along with a few vids after the jump…

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Matmos Interview Part 3 of 3 (w/ Drew, Martin)

In this, the final installment of the Matmos interview, Martin and Drew talk about what makes an action art, and about working with Bjork.

Hope you all have enjoyed it!

For refreshers, goto Part 1 and Part 2
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Show Review: Daniel Johnston, Lizz King and Jason Dove @ the Ottobar

This review almost didn’t happen. I was hemming and hawwing over whether to shill out the 17 large for the day-of tickets, with my interest mainly being to see Lizz King and Jason Dove. Headliner Daniel Johnston was on my radar, but in the most peripheral way possible. I have not seen the Sundance-lauded film The Devil and Daniel Johnston so my knowledge of his life and music was very limited when making the decision to goto the Ottobar this past Sunday.

I probably made one of my wisest choices so far this year.
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Siouxsie Sioux “laughs in the face that is vulture law”: A Look at the Mantaray tour, 2007-2008

It’s common knowledge these days that not all of music’s most innovative entrepreneurs have been able to keep up performances that don’t bank on nostalgia.

But there are some musicians who have taken time’s withering effects, and given it a good spanking.

Siouxsie Sioux
is one of them.

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Matmos Interview Part 2 of 3 (w/ Drew, Martin)

I had originally intended to post this interview in two halves, but I am now opting to post it in thirds. So, here is the second segment.

At this point in the interview my mini disc recorder failed, and the rest was taped on a cassette over a recording of Martin destroying his father’s speakers…just thought you’d like to know.

For a refresher course, see Part 1 of 3.

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Another great Daytrotter session…

Great Daytrotter session with Casiotone for the Painfully Alone released this week. Casiotone is the solo project of Redwood City, California’s Owen Ashworth.

Started in 1997 after he dropped out of film school, he has become one of the foremost names in lo-fi, indie toy-tronica, specializing in affectuous songwriting and remarkably warm, emotional music produced from cheap toy keyboards.

I have quite an affinity for artists who endeavor to make personal, affecting music from traditionally cold and sterile sound sources like the presets on cheap Casio keyboards or more broadly, any electronics. More to come on this in our interview with Say Hi (To Your Mom).

In the meantime, check out Casiotone’s Daytrotter session here. And enjoy these vids of Casiotone and Say Hi.

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