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UnDetectable Genius: Hello, My Name is Bob! aka Live Review: BoB, Almost Kings @ Jammin’ Java (2009.07.31)

bob flyerLet’s give a warm welcome to the ever-evolving panel of intrepid showgoers known henceforth as UnDetectable Genius. They will bringing us “the best and brightest” of the local scene (in a sense).

Metal’s Humanity’s most promising act took the stage on this sultry summer evening, serving riffs so fattening and sweet, one would compare it to taking in a Cinnabon…  not just listening to music created by the employees of one.

It is tough to define or describe Bob’s sound with the vernacular of mere mortals, but many have found comfort within the confines of one word: “Timeless.”  With influences like Limp Bizkit, Korn, POD, Sevendust, Limp Bizkit, and even Korn it is understandable that Bob is a band that has defined not just a new genre of music…. but a new movement.

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