New site design

In case you didn’t notice, we’ve gotten a facelift recently.  I just wanted to say I’ve wanted to have a menu system since I started this thing, so thank god I finally carved out the time to code one.  And thanks for sticking around and suffering through without one.

Many more thanks to my right-hand (and now retired) web designer John Poirier, whose focus on keeping code efficient and clean puts my shoddy work to shame; he helped me work out a lot of kinks on the design.  I also think I’ve finally figured out how to use Photoshop, hence the images and new logo you see here.

Keep clicking on things for more improvement and functionality in the weeks ahead, and look out for a Mobile/Legacy site to be launched shortly (hopefully before 2010). Email us if you find anything broken, and we’ll try to fumble around a fix for it.  Feel free to let us know if you like it or hate it, but fair warning: I spent a bit of time on this, so it’ll stay up for at least a month.

Happy reads.

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