Blog launch!

Aural States (A.S.) is a new music-centered blog based out of Charm City aka Baltimore MD, that emerging hub of musical innovation and home to artists as varied as Wye Oak (formerly Monarch), Dan Deacon, Rye Rye, Rod Lee, Labtekwon and Thrushes, the genre known as Baltimore Club and more.

Our content will be focusing on local and regional (mid-Atlantic/East Coast) topics, but also covering national and international music news. We aim to provide exclusive artist interviews, album and live reviews, and insightful op/ed and commentary.

Content here is by music geeks, for music geeks. Our goal is in-depth analysis and critique without the unapproachability and pretense found in most music coverage of any depth. We make every effort to make our posts both analytical and informative to facilitate learning about new music.

We are always looking for new contributors, mostly based on the East Coast. If you think you may be interested in providing content, email us here.

****MP3s are for sampling only. Please support the artists we feature! Any artist with concerns over posted material, please email us here.****

Artists interested in arranging an interview, show preview, or reviews of any sort should email auralstates@gmail.com for more information.

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  1. Laura Koontz says:

    We’d be remiss if we didn’t hit upon a little bit of the Baltimore Beats / Club scene from time to time, too.

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