Baltimore Synth DIY / Circuit Bending / Chiptunes Festival and 8-Bit Invasion

This press release just hit our doorstep, and we couldn’t be more excited (especially me as an un-recovered video game nerd).  Stay tuned for more exciting coverage as we approach the fest.

September 13th noon-2am

SDIY / Circuit Bending Performers:

Sebastian & Zook — Saxello and BassCello

The Baltimore SDIY Variable Ensemble

The Cheaters Club

Carly Ptak

Peter Blasser

8-bit Invasion Performers:




Bit Shifter


8-bit Invasion Video Artists:

No Carrier


Voltage Controlled

The Hexagon is calling on all basement tinkerers, circuit board squelchers, gameboy
hackers, and voltage controlled cyborgs to gather up their home-built or home-modified
electronic noise makers and bring them out to show off at our first annual Synth DIY /
Circuit Bending / Chiptunes festival.

We will have tables, power supplies, and small amps available for instruments, but anyone with large modular synths other space consuming gear should reserve a space ahead of time by emailing Related posts

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  1. Daily Breather says:

    I missed this event but it looked really interesting. And just yesterday I found, at the Dundalk library, a cop of 8-Bit Operators. Many of these artists doing Kraftwerk tunes on vintage 8-bit video game systems. Pretty rad. Computer Love!

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