Countdown to Whartscape: T-3 Ponytail

It approaches.  Only 3×24 hrs left and you’ll be at the Charles, waiting breathlessly for Matmos while freaking out with Teeth Mountain.  Or maybe you’ll be seeing a certain caped crusader at midnight.


Today’s mini-terview: Dustin Wong of Ponytail.  If you haven’t already, pick up Ice Cream Spiritual and read our review.  It’s a killer album.  Enjoy this cut and read on for Dustin’s answers!

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MP3: Ponytail – Celebrate the body electric (it came from an angel) from Ice Cream Spiritual

1. Describe your feelings on Wham City and what it means to you?

Wham city is a group that really helped us out when we were starting out as a band.  They are kind of a dysfunctional dad.

2. Describe your feelings on Whartscape and what it means to you?

Whartscape is a ton of fun and chaos, it goes by so quickly, like a bullet.

3. Describe your feelings on Baltimore and what it means to you?

Baltimore is a comfortable scary place.

4. Come up with a snappy tagline/mantra/motto for one or more of the following: Baltimore, Wham City and Whartscape.

yes, did! see #3.

5. If all Whartscape performers were required to don some sort of costumage, in the spirit of Baltimore, Whartscape and Wham City, what would yours be and why?

we would be in cat suits, very cute.

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    I’m surprised Lizz King isn’t playing- this event seems right up her alley.

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