Sound Off!: Arbouretum

Arbouretum’s Long Live the Well-Doer starts off with some stereotypically new-age string plucking accented by wind chimes. I immediately came up with an image of some hemp-pushing, mandala-worshipping yoga lover and almost chucked the disc in the trash.

But thankfully, I gave it a spin. And I never looked back.

Filled with wanderlust, Arbouretum’s brand of folk is among the best kind. Seemingly free-associative, but all the while guiding you on a lush journey through vast soundscapes that evolve from protoplasmic pieces to a brilliantly-shining, complex whole before your very ears.

Their music really speaks for itself. They front a spectacular bill tonight at the Talking Head, supported by Kodiak PONTIAK, among others. Check out this track and then come on out and bask in their hard-to-come-by live show tonight.

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MP3: Arbouretum – I am a Somnambulist from Long Live the Well-Doer

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3 Responses to “Sound Off!: Arbouretum”

  1. Is Kodiak a band? I didn’t see them on the schedule. Arbouretum is definitely a treat, but it’s Pontiak that I’m going for.

  2. Greg Szeto says:

    I was reading something about the DC bluesy-jam band Kodiak at the same time I was writing this. My -iak’s got crossed. Thanks for the catch!

  3. Is it safe to assume that one of you guys will be there tonight?

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