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Photos / Live Review: Beach House, Vetiver, Sian Alice Group @ Sonar (2009.03.11)

Sian Alice Group traveled a long way to be a part of this bill, and they certainly stepped up to the plate. An energetic, if at times monotonous, showing that often called to mind the bluesy garage churn of the Kills and Sons and Daughters. Their twist is a bit more adventuresome forays into atmospherics and nuanced repetition and painstakingly measured progression and growth that would be the envy of any aspirators to post-rock.

Vetiver was hotly anticipated, almost as much as headliners Beach House. Seemed everyone was yearning for a taste of their take on folk. Their sound was a vital and invitingly warm one, gentle giants of guitar lines floating airily around the room made the relatively small club stage feel like it opened into a big grassy field. This is the stuff of sunny days and ear-to-ear, Cheshire-size grins.

There was little question when Beach House took the stage that they were the act of the night. It seems they’ve managed to find their comfort zone just outside of the hazy dreams of their repertoire, finding an area of the slightest bit more lucidity to exponential effect. Their live show is progressing nicely from escapist and enshrouding to immediate and captivating.

Sian Alice Group

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