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Sound Off!: Ungdomskulen

Here’s how I imagine the formation of Ungdomskulen (Wiki). First, visualize the scene: a group of talented instrumentalists in Norway are weaning themselves on giants of metal to form a cover band, studiously perfecting songs from System of a Down, the Gothenburg sound, early Metallica, Black Sabbath, prog.

They can’t really figure out their sound, so this is the natural default. All of a sudden, Arctic Monkeys, Built to Spill, Bloc Party and a swarm of other post-punk, dance-punk, new wave and indie-rock bands burst through the radio and these guys think it’s hilarious. Then the metaphorical light-bulb over head moment.

“Let’s make a parody of these guys framed within our metal and classic rock leanings. Let’s make it amazing yet playful and better than the source.”

And here we are…enjoying their newly released video for “Modern Drummer,” a track off their 2007 LP Cry Baby. Video after the jump, but MP3 right here, right now.

Ungdomskulen – Modern Drummer

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