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Lykke Li @ Black Cab Sessions

Black Cab Sessions knock it out of the park again. And where I was on the fence about Lykke Li before this video (though I really liked “Dance dance dance”), I am squarely in the happy, grassy knoll on one side of the fence where you support the artist now. She’s just grand and Swedish. You know how good those Swedes are with the pop. She goes places with her voice and music that I think Kate Nash should have gone after to make a more compelling musical vehicle for her.

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3-for-Tuesday – Spring into action

Some tracks sitting in my inbox, figured I’d proliferate them. For all to enjoy or rag on. Opinions?

Though the track never fully releases its joyous tension, Lykke Li’s “Dance Dance Dance” is probably the best of the trio (her vocals kind of make me squishy inside and the sax solo just screams endearing exuberance), followed by the Forms. The Forms track has that distasteful modern rock radio edge to it that I find leaves a bitter taste in my mouth, yet it still manages to intrigue me to no end. The Annuals track is a little too over the top, trying to be “that track” a la the Shins or Coldplay.

Annuals – Sore

The Forms – Red Gun

Lykke Li – Dance Dance Dance