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Sound Off!: Lungfish

Philosopher-punk. Few bands could even come close to warranting that designation.  Lungfish is one of them.  Forged in the fires of 1987 Baltimore, they slammed out album after album of intense, mesmerizing and primitive post-punk laden with lyrics that oscillate between poetry and manifesto.

There is unquestionably a rigid, formulaic approach Lungfish have intentionally implemented in their music.  Simple, repetitive rhythms and melodies are formed from lumbering guitar and bass lines. They present a cyclic sound that feels as natural and dependable as day progressing to night and back again.  Each song with a familiar-yet-distinct, enthralling hook.  Lead singer Daniel Higg’s sophist lyrics babble like a brook, speaking and ranting, washing away everything but the instrumental bedrock.  Stretched across 11 albums, all but the first released on DC institution Dischord Records, their music is fresh and energizing as the day it was written.

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