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NoVo / Nouveau: Live Audio, Day 5 – Holy Fingers (2010.03.06)

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  1. MP3: Sunbleached
  2. MP3: Untitled
  3. MP3: Desert Amps
  4. MP3: The Brazen Bull
  5. MP3: The Trees Bowed Deeply And Roared
  6. MP3: Watchtowers Burning
  7. MP3: The Bell Jar
  8. MP3: The Yearling

Holy Fingers

Download the entire set in FLAC.

kick – shure beta 52
snare – shure sm57
overheads – shure sm81s
guitar amp left – shure sm57
guitar amp right – shure sm57
tom – sennheiser 421
center stage – apex 460 tube (set to omni)
stage – mxl 990 (angled at 45 deg in towards the middle of the stage on top of pa)
mid room – oktava 012 (x/y)
back room – AT boundary

Recorded by Matthew Leffler-Schulman & Alex ChampagneWindup Space
Mixed by Matthew Leffler-Schulman @ Mobtown Studios