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Interview: Dysrhythmia (w/ Kevin Hufnagel)

kevin hufnagel

Photo credit: Ed Marshall

Dysrhythmia unleashed devastating sonic lethality this past Saturday at the Talking Head. I talked with guitarist Kevin Hufnagel before the show about rad metal, the role of theory in songwriting, and his participation in the reincarnated legendary avant garde metal outfit Gorguts.

Aural States: I ran into you at Summer Slaughter Sunday July 19th. What do you think was the highlight of that show?

Kevin Hufnagel: Unfortunately I was really tired. The night before was our CD release show and I stayed out until five am, so I left right after Suffocation…Suffocation was probably the highlight, but Origin was really good too. Origin and Suffocation killed it. Read the rest…