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Free summer shows (JellyNYC Pool Parties & Fort Reno series)

Summer time, and free music has never been easier or more gorgeous. Two East Coast institutions have released their concert schedules. Check for them after the jump:

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Fort Reno in jeopardy?

ft. reno sunset 2Oh man, so that’s why I was feeling so off-balance at Ft Reno last summer.  Apparently, it’s due to ARSENIC IN THE SOIL.

BYT reports here.

NBC4 reports here.

WaPo blog reports here.

I hope this shit gets cleared up.  Soon.

Fort Reno preps 2008 season

DC’s favorite little outdoor-venue-that-could, Fort Reno, is a lovely spot for an afternoon/evening show in the summertime. Every year, a free concert series runs through the summer, typically every Monday and Thursday in the Tenleytown park of the same name.

With the backdrop being an old, castle-like fort and the dim, amber glow of neighborhood streetlights, the whole setup makes for some picturesque moments in the early hours of dusk.

Past year’s have seen names like Ted Leo, Benjy Ferree, the Evens, Mary Timony, Max Levine Ensemble, Fugazi, Q and Not U, and Georgie James. A lot of the draw is thanks to the prominent involvement of Ian Mackaye’s (Fugazi, the Evens, Dischord Records owner) kid sister Amanda as musical curator for the series.

I’d definitely like to see more Baltimore representation down there…Avec, Thrushes, Wzt Hearts, Death Set, I am looking in all your general directions…submissions of demos are being accepted until March 17.

Couple epic live vids after the jump…
Photo by Flickr user BillAdler

Ted Leo Live @ Fort Reno 2004/5?

Fugazi – Song #1 Live @ Fort Reno, 2002 *last show