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Until 2010…

Blossom Dearie

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MP3: Blossom Dearie – Tout Doucement from Blossom Dearie (1957)
MP3: Feist – Tout Doucement (Blossom Dearie cover) from Let It Die (2004)

In case you were wondering, we’re on hiatus until 2010. I’m in Paris for Christmas and a bit beyond.

Before I left last week, I picked up the wonderful self-titled album of American jazz singer Blossom Dearie (released in 1957, it was also her Verve Records debut). I’ve always enjoyed her voice, but lately have been utterly in love with it. Though with a bit of an accent, she sings many songs ever-so-enchantingly in French (after spending much of the 50s there). She had a bit of a second-wave of exposure in the mid-00s with her song “Tout Doucement” being covered by indie-star/NPR fetish Feist.

I think we all know which is superior, but enjoy the original and the cover. And stick with us for an exciting 2010.