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Another great Daytrotter session…

Great Daytrotter session with Casiotone for the Painfully Alone released this week. Casiotone is the solo project of Redwood City, California’s Owen Ashworth.

Started in 1997 after he dropped out of film school, he has become one of the foremost names in lo-fi, indie toy-tronica, specializing in affectuous songwriting and remarkably warm, emotional music produced from cheap toy keyboards.

I have quite an affinity for artists who endeavor to make personal, affecting music from traditionally cold and sterile sound sources like the presets on cheap Casio keyboards or more broadly, any electronics. More to come on this in our interview with Say Hi (To Your Mom).

In the meantime, check out Casiotone’s Daytrotter session here. And enjoy these vids of Casiotone and Say Hi.

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