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This is why I’m not much of a journalist

I drink too much.

I’m confessing here, under the expand button. I had fully planned on doing a show review of the Cadence Weapon/Born Ruffians show… but it didn’t happen like that.
I got real drunk at the Ottobar Wednesday night during the show (if you need proof, just check out the quality of the picture).

There were very few people in the Ottobar, probably less than 100. The poor attendance was pretty bothersome to me and after a couple+ beers, one thought permeated my mind: “I’ll show Cadence that Baltimore appreciates him!”.

I noticed Rollie Pemberton (Cadence Weapon) had been drinking Pilsner Urquill and it was almost empty during his set. So, I went up to the bar like “THREE Natty Bohs… Please!” I should mention that I’m not a total cheap ass, I’m just really poor. I take the extra Boh, after distributing the other two between my boyfriend and my stomach, and go put it next to Rollie’s pilsner on stage. Anyway, he finishes his beer, finishes his set, and grabs the Natty Boh and walks off stage.

(My boyfriend is like “What are you doing???” the whole time).

And I see him take a sip of it (Yes!!) and then he looks all grossed out (NO!) and walks back out on stage, grabs the mic and says “Listen, I grabbed someone else’s beer by accident, sorry”. And he sort of carefully and gently sets it back down in the exact spot he picked it up from, like it never happened.

This is all very obvious to the other 60 people in the Ottobar because I’m not very sneaky about the whole thing – in fact I’m pretty awkward. I don’t know what the hell I was thinking (I wasn’t.) So, I stand around for a while and eventually we left half way during Born Ruffian’s set because it wasn’t very good. It was about 12:30 and I was sleepy. I went home, sent a bunch of weird messages to people that I barely know on Facebook, ate two tacos and went to bed.

I’m a force to be reckoned with..

Born Ruffians + Cadence Weapon

This Wednesday at the Ottobar: Canadians Born Ruffians and Cadence Weapon as well as one of Bmore’s sweetest, most keyboard-heavy indie-poppers Karmella’s Game.

To get you excited for the show, here are a couple tracks off each artist’s upcoming album (both to be released tomorrow). Check them out after the jump.

Poster from Monozine.


Foxes Mate for Life – Born Ruffians
from Red Yellow Blue

In search of the Youth Crew – Cadence Weapon
from Afterparty Babies

Scheduling your March

Cadence Weapon, Born Ruffians

Justice, DJ Mehdi, Fancy

Van Halen

(details after the jump)

Cadence Weapon/Born Ruffians

March 5th, Ottobar

In a bit of a head-scratcher, two Canadian groups with little more in common than release dates and nationality will be coming to the Ottobar on March 5th. Tickets, available through missiontix, are $8 (adv), $10 (day).

Cadence Weapon, hip hop artist from Edmonton, Alberta, will finally follow up his 2005 release Breaking Kayfabe with the much anticipated Afterparty Babies (Epitaph) due out on March 4th.

I saw a bit of the Cadence Weapon show at the Pitchfork Media Music Festival in July of 2007 – he put together a tight little performance, showcasing his vocals over minimal beats. To get a good example of the show I saw, give a listen to “Sharks” (stream over myspace). While hip hop doesn’t always translate in an outdoor venue, I’m looking forward to checking him out in the coziness of the Ottobar.

Born Ruffians, Photo credit: Timothy Saccenti

Born Ruffians, on the other hand, are somewhat precocious indie rockers from Toronto. They will be promoting their new LP Red, Yellow, Blue (Warp; also due out March 4th) this tour. Take a listen to their single “Foxes Mate for Life” here (stream; source: The Fader).

Justice, DJ Mehdi, Fancy
Sonar, March 9th
Tickets (ticketmaster): $30 (adv)


Paying $30 to go see something called the “Myspace Music Tour” feels dirty on a couple different levels. Unfortunately, I still would really love to go see this show, excessive cost and all.

Justice will be touring in support of their recent album [cross symbol] (Vice 2007). Being house artists from Paris, France begs comparison to Daft Punk. However, that feels a little trite to me. So I’ll say this: Justice are a little less robot, and a whole lot more dirt. Their music demands dancing. You can sample some of their original tracks, as well as remixes of other artists on their myspace page.

As an aside, these guys are pretty prodigious when it comes to remixes. They can claim the following artists (among many) as receiving their revisions: Britney Spears, Fat Boy Slim, Daft Punk, N*E*R*D, DFA 1979, Justin Timberlake, Klaxons…

What of the other two bands? DJ Mehdi, as another French house act, will certainly warm the crowd up for Justice. Fancy can be described in 5 words: French butt rock… starring women!

On the other hand, if that doesn’t sound good (or expensive enough) for you – you can alway pop across town that night to 1st Mariner Arena to catch Van Halen. Tickets absurdly run $49.50 – $125.