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Northern Exposure: Days 2 & 3 – Burlington, VT/Kitchener, ON

Day#2 – Burlington, VT

I woke up this morning at around 10:30 feeling like death.  It was still raining outside and at this point I don’t give a shit anymore.  The thing that pissed me off the most about the rain is that it made me think of that Garbage song.  I don’t want to think about Garbage songs, like ever.

After shambling around and grunting at each other for a little bit, we got things together, got some coffee in us, and left the place we were crashing for the evening. Bye Maine.  Unfortunately, we did not get to meet Maine’s biggest celebrity, Stephen King, but we DID get to meet a guy we’d like to think of as a celebrity by the name of Bob York (pictured below with Ira).  He approached us in that town in New Hampshire… the one with the abandoned train station next to the bank of America that kinda looks like a log cabin. You know that town right?  Bob has been CRUSHING ass in that town since way back and stopped to tell us everything he knew about trains and New Hampshire.  It was educational and awkward. Read the rest…