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Photos / Review: Mates of State @ the Ottobar (2008.11.23)

Photo Credit: faithdesired
Standing in line for the Mates of State show at the Ottobar, freezing, I overheard the door guy ask these girls if they were going to remove the waffles before they opened doors.  I thought: remove the waffles??? One of the girls replied: “No… the waffles are part of our show.”  Immediately, I was intrigued.  I was here to see Mates of State, who I was really looking forward.  They produce such a great sound and I have heard that they are just as good live as they are recorded.  However, I had never heard of the opening acts (Avocado Happy Hour and Brother Reade). As I made my way up to the stage, I was surprised to find a table fully loaded with waffle makers, whip cream, and cups of chocolate chips.  As the music began, the girls got to work cooking waffles and before too long, the entire Ottobar smelled more like a diner then a bar!  After a few songs, waffles were offered to the crowd.

Avocado Happy Hour opening for Mates of State at the Ottobar - Baltimore

Avocado Happy Hour opening for Mates of State at Ottobar - Baltimore

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