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Livewire: Teaadora Nikolova & Bethany Dinsick @ the Zodiac (2010.03.19)

Photo & words: Greg Szeto

This was an interesting and unusual night. Billed moreso a night of spiritual cleansing as opposed to a night of live music, the theme was to usher in the transitioning seasons, notably the Spring equinox. Things started off with Secret Secrets delivering some dark and moody sounds. Alternating periods of gentle and pummeling percussion (courtesy of Melissa Moore), swelled amidst the melodic vocals, loops and synths of Beverly Shana Palmer (Childe Bride), and the guitar, feedback and throatsinging of Gerry Mak (recent Baltimore transplant and unwitting proxy for down-and-out hipster life and reflexive ire for it). This allowed us to check off the astral communication/seances portion of the night, and left you with that dark, inwardly reflective feeling that visits cold, black nights in front of a fire.

Then, the glorious and cathartic thawing and rejuvenation was led by a collaborative set between our very own Bethany Dinsick and out-of-towner Teaadora Nikolova. They split the second set of the evening in half, Bethany’s gentle and ascendant melodies, particularly her soprano-ranged vocals, slowly warmed us before Teaadora’s music (and an abrupt bit of performance art barbering) brought the show to a reservedly sunny close.

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1. Improvization
2. Bethany Dinsick – Oklahoma Alley
3. Bethany Dinsick – Bottle Tree
4. Bethany Dinsick – Love Vacation
5. Bethany Dinsick – Ecuador
6. Bethany Dinsick – Bad Lil’ Boy
Teaadora – Serial Dating (omitted at artist request)
7. Teaadora – On Conversations: On an On an On an On
8. Teaadora – Untitled
9. Teaadora – Don’t Expect a Stradivarius

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