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Album Review: Bombadil – A Buzz, A Buzz (Ramseur)


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MP3: Bombadil – Cavaliers Har Hum 

Hailing from Durham, North Carolina, Bombadil are presumably named in honor of Tom Bombadil of Lord of the Rings fame.  They play an eclectic mix of folksy indie rock with a diverse array of instruments including the banjo, zampona, trombone, charango, viola, xylophone, etc., which they adopted while on a semester abroad in Bolivia while studying at (surprise!) Duke University.  Supposedly inspired by that country’s traditional instrumental music, Bombadil’s recent 2008 release A Buzz, A Buzz, also finds its roots in American folk and Appalacian music. 

The concept behind the band might sound like it came together at 2 A.M. at Cosmic Cantina after a long night of theoretical physics, but Bombadil’s music is not as easily dismissed (even if it may occasionally sound like it’s being played by hobbits).  It’s easy, upon first listen, to be put off by bands that are so unusual; if you see Bombadil live, thier fedora hats, plaid pants and suspenders will only further your distance.  But there is a lot about Bombadil to like, even if you find yourself initially unimpressed. Read the rest…