Aural States Fest II: Schedule

“Steady snow will diminish to a few snow flurries by 5pm. ” – Weather.com

The show is still going on, unless Sonar’s entrance becomes encased in a mountain of ice or snow.

Tonight is the big night.

I want to say a big thanks to our biggest sponsor, Atomic Books. In addition to running a treasure trove of a bookstore, dynamic duo proprietors Benn Ray (who also blogs at Mobtown Shank) & Rachel Whang are ardent supporters of everything local, and have been our most generous partner in stuffing the Aural States Fest giveaway bags with tons of goodies, two years running.

Remember, only the first 50 paid entrants get these gems, so come early. Offerings also include discounts at Daedalus Books & Music, CDs from Pontiak’s label Thrill Jockey, the Baltimore Jazz Alliance, and Dischord, as well as vinyl from local experimental hive Ehse Records.

New this year are deep discounts on Emily Mandri’s unique silkscreened and handpainted Natty Paint line of clothing. Dig through your bag for their coupon and stop by their table at the fest.

Now, for your planning purposes, here’s the schedule:

6:00PM == Doors

Talking Head Stage

6:45-7:05 == NARC
7:15-7:45 == Ami Dang
8:00-8:30 == True Womanhood
8:45-9:15 == Lands & Peoples
9:30-10:00 == Dustin Wong
10:15-10:45 == Benjy Ferree
11:00-11:30 == Noble Lake
11:40-12:05 == Jack Chick
12:15-12:35 == Death Domain
12:50-1:10 == Liveshitbingepurge
1:25-2:00 == Leprechaun Catering

Sonar Club Stage

7:15-7:45 == Thrushes
8:00-8:30 == Sick Sick Birds
8:45-9:15 == Height with Friends
9:30-10:15 == Caleb Stine
10:30-11:15 == Office of Future Plans
11:30-12:00 == Sick Weapons
12:15-12:45 == Vincent Black Shadow
1:00-2:00 == Pontiak

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  1. noam says:

    congrats Greg! absolute catastrophic weather but you pulled this shit off like martha stewart after seeing dirty sheets on the bed. this was baller and absolutely worth the drive. hope you keep it up either in bmore or wherever you end up.

  2. [...] enough to see our friend J. Robbins’ (Jawbox) new band Office of Future Plans play live at Aural States festival in Baltimore just last night (where we also played after a 4 hour drive up through snow) and [...]

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