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MP3: Jared Paolini – The Fog Desert from Side B of Bears & Pieces/Jared Paolini split tape (2009)

Being that the philosophy backing experimental music largely emphasizes meaning to the individual rather than to the culture with which the musician belongs, I find it unnatural to be the least bit persuasive when speaking of Jared Paolini. To me, his half of a lost:ghosts:records split cassette with Bear & Pieces, entitled “The Fog Desert,” is something of an aesthetic wonderland, its very fabric shimmering with heavenly charm. The track’s liveliness becomes more persistent throughout its 19-minute duration.  In a way, Paolini evolves “The Fog Desert” idiosyncratically while still keeping it cohesive, a pool of unreal reverberations and entrancing resonance.

Others that I’ve played the tape for suggest that his round edges and soft tones are designed to bring the listener into something of a divine coma, and I couldn’t disagree more. Jared Paolini, though I haven’t read his word on the subject, probably does not make sound for any specific purpose. Rather, I’d posit that he has a simple and genuine enthusiasm for these exact frequencies, the sort of appreciation that won’t let you nod off; it’ll hold you captive. Many without an eye for experimentation and ambiance are at a loss when it comes to music that demands an above average amount of effort on the behalf of the listener; and I won’t lie to you, “The Fog Desert” is no exception. Sure, this one might take a little elbow grease to decipher, but is art really worth discounting for that reason alone? I don’t think so, and I hope not.

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  1. Jeff says:

    Nice to see Jared getting some notice…I’ve caught his set twice and loved him each time.

  2. brett says:

    Bear & Pieces is definitely worth checking out as well

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