Non-Whartscape events this coming weekend

So there is this little thing called Artscape coming up. Apparently it runs Friday to Sunday. I guess they are trying to compete with Whartscape?

Kidding aside, Baltimore is busting at the seems with live music this weekend. Also running, and partially funded by Artscape, is High Zero’s Exotic-Hypnotic Festival of experimental improvisational music. It takes place at the University of Baltimore’s Student Center Performing Arts Theater, 21 W. Mount Royal Ave., 5th floor.

I will not sleep for the next four days.

Here is a quick rundown of non-Whartscape events the Aural States reader my find interesting:

Friday, July 18

Daniel Higgs-2pm. Exotic-Hypnotic Festival. Higgs is a Baltimore legend, having fronted Lungfish. His recent solo work has focused on the jaw harp.

Blaqstarr-8:30 pm. Artscape, DJ Culture Stage. This Mad Decent DJ/producer brings the new sounds of Bmore Club

Joan Jett and the Blackhearts-8:30 pm. Artscape, Saturn Stage. Back in the day, for those of us that grew up in this city, Artscape provided the perfect venue to get ridiculously wasted starting in the early afternoon. Then watch aging bands at night, and secretly enjoy the set. If I were still 16, I’m sure that would be the case with this upcoming Joan Jett performance.

Roberta Flack-8:30 pm. Artscape, Mainstage. Worth a mention.

Dave Nada-9 pm. Artscape, DJ Culture Stage. This is just really a warm-up for both Blaqstarr and Dave Nada for what is to come later that night…

Unruly and Senari present: My Crew Be Unruly feat. Scottie B, K Swift, Diplo, Blaqstarr, Dave Nada, King Tutt, Say Wut, etc. Paradox (1310 Russell Street) This is a who’s-who’s of Baltimore Club Music, and will take place at legendary venue. A nice way to blow-up your night after Beach House at 2640. The party goes until dawn.


Thank You- 1pm. Exotic-Hypnotic Festival. Catch Thank You, in case you can’t see them at Whartscape.

Baltimore Symphony Orchestra Open Rehearsal- 1:30 pm. Artscape, Meyerhoff Symphony Hall. The BSO is a valuable cultural asset of Baltimore, so take advantage of this.

Thrushes- 3 pm. Arstscape, Metro Gallery. Aural States’ love of the Thrushes goes back. We also love Sarah and the Metro Gallery, too.

Free BSO concert- 3 pm. Artscape, Meyerhoff Symphony Hall.

Peabody Consort- 5pm. Exotic-Hypnotic Festival. This is Peabody’s early music ensemble. How does this fit into an experimental improvised music festival? Well, to start, the continuo does improvise upper register parts in the figured bass line. Early music is also full of cadenzas. And as far as being experimental, the theorbo is such an weird instrument, it might as well be experimental.

Scottie B, K-Swift, Rye-Rye- 5pm. Artscape, Main Stage. In case you missed them the night before.

Audrey Chen and Takuro Mizuto Lippit- 6pm. I am really excited to see this performance. Audrey Chen plays the cello along with electronics. As a cellist, myself, I completely believe that the cello is one of the most expressive instruments ever created. It is an instrument that is timeless, and perfectly suitable for cutting-edge experimental music.

Mike Doughty-7 pm. Artscape, Saturn Stage. The former front man for Soul Coughing. I think you either love him, or hate him (or at least his solo work). A perfect fit for the WTMD crowd.

After Now Ensemble- 7pm. An ensemble that plays contemporary works. We need more of these. I wonder if the fact that people, especially young people, are interested in hearing new “art music” works performed will ever get through to the BSO higher-ups.

Rusted Root-8:30 pm. Artscape, Saturn Stage


Nathan Bell-12pm. Exotic-Hypnotic. This former Lungfish member make amazingly beautiful banjo music, but not the fast tempo, moonshine-runner-gunning-it-down-a-country-road soundtrack. Instead, blissed out, but also isolated and remote. Imagine if Aphex Twin picked up a banjo to do Selected Ambient Works II.

Caleb Stine and the Brakemen-5:30 pm Artscape, Metro Gallery.

The Wailers-6:30 pm. Artscape, Main Stage.

Ecstatic Sunshine-7 pm. Exotic-Hypnotic.

The Clipse-7:30. Artscape, DJ Culture Stage.

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  1. ZACH! says:

    How can you see Thank You at 1:00 pm to make up for a show you missed later that night at 8:30? I mean COME ON! Seriously tho, rawsome site, with texmexcellent Whartscape ‘n’ Bmore coverage. Many thanks also for hosting the Abe Vigoda/No Age show from last week. True treasures.

  2. Alex Mudge says:

    hehe…yea. thanks for catching that one.

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