Wye Oak-Live at the G-Spot (Merge CD Release Party)

Wye Oak played a phenomenal set at their CD (re)release party for Merge issuing If Children. Opener Deer Tick’s set can be found here. Thanks to Jeff the Taper for recording the ENTIRE live set, available after the jump as MP3 or here as FLAC files.

The show was fantastic, probably the best set I’ve yet seen from Wye Oak. Since this record is a re-release, the material has been in rotation for quite a while now. The new material demonstrated great progression and refinement of their songwriting and pacing; tracks like the tentatively-in-studio-named “Magic Johnson” really show Jenn and Andy recognizing their strengths as a duo and bringing them out, crafting a top-notch country-folk jam. If Children is a great record, but the material truly soars live and serves as a testament to how deeply Andy and Jenn are connected to the music.

Jenn’s voice was warm and soulful as always. Andy’s drumming was top-notch, and some of the most expressive I’ve heard in quite some time; we even got a special treat with Andy taking on main vocal duties on “A Lawn to Mow.” The show was quite polished and probably a tad too straight-laced and clean, but when my main complaint is that things were TOO tight, then there’s really not much of a problem. I personally find that minor imperfections in vocal harmonization and in other aspects only enhance the immediacy and passion of their music.

Wye Oak – Please Concrete
Wye Oak – Warning
Wye Oak – Family Glue
Wye Oak – Dialogue
Wye Oak – I Don’t Feel Young
Wye Oak – Dialogue
Wye Oak – A Lawn to Mow
Wye Oak – Dialogue
Wye Oak – Untitled (“Magic Johnson”)
Wye Oak – Dialogue
Wye Oak – Untitled No. 2
Wye Oak – I Want for Nothing
Wye Oak – Dialogue
Wye Oak – Obituary

Don’t forget to read our interviews (part 1, part 2) with Jenn and Andy.

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