Vampire Weekend, goddamn bloodsuckers…

It’s here. Last week, NYC’s Vampire Weekend dropped their hotly anticipated, highly hyped, self-titled and first LP on XL Recordings.

Reading more and more of the hooplah, reaching supernova levels, I really wanted to hate this release. But goddammit, every once in a while, there’s actually something that comes out that meets the expectations. For me, this was like Michael Bay’s Transformers. I didn’t think I liked the people behind the scenes and I thought they didn’t know the material they were working with and were just delivering phoned-in approximations and reinterpretations.

Man was I wrong. More comments to come. Anybody else that can’t get this damn CD out of their player/MP3s out of their MP3 player?

Vampire Weekend – A-punk

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2 Responses to “Vampire Weekend, goddamn bloodsuckers…”

  1. Laura Koontz says:

    The Vampire Weekend show is sold out tonight at the Rock and Roll Hotel in DC. Everyone seems to be swooning over them, but I don’t get it. I feel like I could just go listen to Paul Simon instead.

    Also, I expected something a lot different from a band called Vampire Weekend. I feel like it’s false advertising.

  2. Aural States says:

    It might just be the track “A-punk” or it might be the general mood of the album.

    Definitely more pep than Paul Simon. It makes me giddy, warm and twitchy.

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