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Grooves & Glitches: Soul Jazz Records Presents New Orleans Funk – New Orleans: The Original Sound of Funk 1960-75

New Orleans Funk

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Album Title: New Orleans Funk – New Orleans: The Original Sound of Funk 1960-75
Label: Soul Jazz Records [UK]
Release Date: Oct 23 2000

A fairly recently released collection of regional funk gems, with some real groovers and rarities. ┬áHere’s side two, straight from the vinyl.

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MP3: Side Two

Track listing:
1. Eddie Bo – “Check Your Bucket”
2. Professor Longhair – “Big Chief”
3. Cyril Neville – “Tell Me What’s On Your Mind”
4. Lee Dorsey and Betty Harris – “Love Lots of Lovin”

From Soul Jazz Records:

This is a definitive collection of New Orleans Funk featuring acknowledged masters of funk next to some of the earlier artists who shaped the meaning of funk. The album is also filled with many rare, sought after and undiscovered funk tracks. It covers the period from the emergence of New Orleans Funk in the early 1960′s through to the mid-seventies. The record is an essential part of anyone in any way interested in Funk’s record collection. It has some vital ingredients in it that you can’t find elsewhere. With the sound of the New Orleans Funeral March Bands, Mardi Gras Indian Tribes and Saturday Night Fish Fries all as inspiration New Orleans Funk developed into a unique sound. New Orleans is a port town. Originally owned by the French, this was where many slaves were brought from the West Indies. Many of these slaves came from Haiti and brought with them the religion of Voodoo and its drums and music. It became one of the first parts of America to develop a strong African-American culture leading to the invention of Jazz in the early 1900s. A main feature of Jazz in New Orleans were the Jazz Funeral Marching bands. Solemn Brass bands accompanying a coffin would, on burial, be joined by a second line of drummers and dancers which would turn the event into a celebration of the spirit cutting free from earth. This African tradition is strong in New Orleans and still goes on to this day. The backline drums play a syncopated style that is neither on the beat nor the off-beat. It is these rhythms that are the basis of New Orleans Funk. The album comes with a booklet presenting a historical explanation to how and why this music came about, and with lots of information about the people involved.