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Photos / Live Review: Morrissey @ the Warner Theatre (2009.03.14)

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MP3: The Smiths – This Charming Man

With recent shows cancelled due to illness, I was relieved that Morrissey’s show at Warner Theatre actually took place!   Two years ago I saw him at Rams Head (on Halloween night in fact), and was so pleased with his set list!   Therefore, I was anticipating this show for months.  

As Morrissey took the stage to “This Charming Man,” the mood was electrifying.  Fans rushed the stage with hands desperately reached out to touch his as Morrissey greeted his fans gratefully.   I was star struck, I must admit.  Throughout the night, however, my energy slowly declined.  I was pleased with the beginning of the set, but as the night progressed, I became slightly bored.  

Morrissey’s performance was top notch.  His stage production was beautiful and sound quality was excellent, but I left a bit disappointed with the lack of  classics that I heard.  It was clear that Morrissey was supporting his new album, Years of Refusal, but it would have still been nice to enjoy some old-time favorites as well.  The worst part of the night for me came when Morrissey spouted out, “There’s always someone with a big nose who knows” just prior to breaking into song.  I became very excited anticipating “Cemetery Gates,: but that is not what I heard.  

I was bummed!  

After only one encore consisting of one song, I was shocked to find that the show was over.  It was surprisingly short and I’m sure some would blame that on his recent “illness;” however, I guess I should be grateful for the opportunity to see him again.  My love of Morrissey stems from The Smiths and that is where my devotion lies, I suppose.  Anyway, if you were at the show you may have a different opinion but regardless, I’m sure we can agree that Morrissey is nothing short of perfect.  

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Album Review / Contest: Morrissey – Years of Refusal (Lost Highway)

morrissey-years-of-refusalCourtesy of Filter Magazine, we have one 12″ vinyl copy of Years of Refusal to give away to one lucky winner.  To sign up to win, just comment this review or email us. We’ll randomly choose a winner Fri Mar 13. Morrissey plays the Warner Theatre in DC on Sat Mar 14.

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MP3: Morrissey – It’s Not Your Birthday Anymore

One of the trickiest things to do is weigh in on an icon. While I steadfastly maintain that feigning any sort of objective position to critique art devoid of personal experiences is folly, the hazards of bias and personal baggage are exponentially amplified when dealing with pivotal and popular figures.

Morrissey (Wiki), lead-singer from a little band known as the Smiths, is such a figure.  But if you’ll indulge me, I’m going to attempt to brazenly traverse this minefield of my mind and give some thoughts on his latest release, Years of Refusal.

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Album Review – Colin Meloy Sings Live!, Preview @ 9:30 Club

Approach this preview and album review with caution, it is highly-tainted by personal bias. Let me explain.

I have seen the Decemberists (Wiki) at least 6 times that I can count (I have probably only seen the Pietasters (Wiki) more, somewhere around 12 times).

I have played their albums into the grave.

Their concert with the BSO (Wiki) last summer sprinted into my top five concert moments of all time, at #2 right behind Rage Against the Machine/STP in the pouring rain of an HFStival which is in the top spot. Even if Jeff Magnum and Neutral Milk Hotel continued doing their thing, I still think that I would pick Colin Meloy as the better song-writer.

Now that we’re through the disclosure segment, let’s get to the album after the jump.
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