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Interview: Get ‘Em Mamis (w/ Roxzi, Symphony)

I recently caught up with Symphony and Roxzi of the Baltimore hip-hop group the Get ‘Em Mamis. GEM will have video premier party April 5th at the 5 Seasons for their single “When You See Us” from the Beyond Hamsterdam album.

Their new single “Cold Summer” will be released June 24 as a part of the new Hamsterdam album by Darkroom Productions and Koch Records.

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Jazz great to perform tonight

Tonight at An die Musik Baltimore jazz legend Lafayette Gilchrist will perform with area saxophonist Carl Grubbs.

Gilchrist was featured on the recent Wire soundtrack.

He didn’t begin playing the piano until age 17, and before that he was a boxer. Some say his playing style mimics the rhythm of a young Sugar Ray Robinson. The left hand, the foot work if you will, constantly shuffles, while the left hand jabs, then lets loose a flurry of blows.

I remember Carl Grubbs, who studied with Coltrane, from the time I shadowed at St. Paul’s. He was teaching a class, and I was blown away by what he had to say.

All in all, this should be a great performance.