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The Greatest Since the Greatest Retired

Tonight, a friend of mine announced he was “retiring from listening to music”, but about a week before doing so posed a question that remains relevant: why has Lil’ Wayne caught on among the kids quicker than sipping tussin out of a baby bottle? Given John Poirier’s recent commentary on Lil’ Wayne’s showboating at Virgin Fest I figured now might be an appropriate time to post an account of my quest to find the answer. Read the rest…

Pitchfork Media announces online music channel, attmept to takeover indie world…even more.

Whoa whoa whoa. WHOA. Seriously? Pitchfork is launching an online TV channel. I approach this project with great anticipation and trepidation. This could either be the new sliced bread, or make it a hell of a lot harder to pass go and collect $200 without the stamp of ‘Fork approval. Or maybe both.

Check the official release here.

Snippet from P4K:

So today, we’re proud to announce the April 7 beta launch of Pitchfork.tv, the first-ever music video channel dedicated to documenting independent music as it happens. As a visual extension of the music coverage Pitchfork has provided for more than a decade, and a means of updating and advancing the music television format, the online channel will bring you closer to the artists you love, through original mini-documentaries, secret rooftop and basement sessions, full concerts, exclusive interviews, and the most carefully curated selection of music videos online.