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Audio: Matt Papich & Dustin Wong – Xmas Song 1

Dustin Wong @ Open Space

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MP3: Matt Papich & Dustin Wong – Xmas Song 1

So I lied a tad. One last post before 2010, I just couldn’t resist (thank a newly unsecured WiFi connection here in Paris for this bit of joie).

Matt Papich & Dustin Wong (one past iteration of the constantly evolving Papich project Ecstatic Sunshine) dropped some gifts onto especially good little boys and girls today.

Here’s one of two Christmas tracks the duo recorded and emailed out. This will only be up for a few days, so catch it now before it’s gone. And don’t forget that Dustin (pictured right) will be playing a set of his solo work at Aural States Fest II on Jan 30 2010.