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New Chavy Boys of London Mix; Aural States exclusive Unruly Records give-away

chavy_boys_main_0Having grown up in Baltimore City it never dawned on me that the late night dance tracks on the radio were exclusive to this city–that didn’t come about until high school. Now, the sound is showing up everywhere. And the publication XLR8R is no exception.

This month’s podcast features a mix by the Chavy Boys of London, an Unruly Records super-group of Scottie B, Shawn Caesar, and King Tutt (if you haven’t listened to any of their Money Lotion series, do so!) To describe the mix I’d have to fall into genre cliche catch-words like “Bangin,’” because, frankly, this mix is bangin’. The DJ Technics remix of Radiohead’s “Everything in it’s Right Place” is particularly memorable.  Also, don’t sleep on DJ Class’ “I’m the Ish” which may be Baltimore Club’s breakthrough into the top 40.  People Like Jermaine Dupri (click here for viddy of JD losing it in the studio to this track) and, apparently Puffy are getting interested in this sound now.

This mix could be an interesting nod to what to expect in the future from Unruly Records–the mix abandons the Lyn Collins break periodically for some four-on-the-floor action. One would assume that is the King Tutt influence at work, or perhaps Shawn’s roots in Deep House.

Link for the mix after the jump. Read the rest…