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The Death Set – Lo-Fi Social Club (03.27.2008) Live Recording

Check my show review at BYT.

Jeff the Taper was in the house as well and was kind enough to provide us with the entire live recording, exclusively.

Check after the jump for the tracks. Download MP3s of each song by clicking on the name or a ZIP file of the whole set by clicking the band name.

You can find Matt & Kim’s set here.

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Preview – Matt and Kim, The Death Set @ Lo-Fi Social Club

You should get your ass to this show. It is guaranteed to be ridiculous. Friday morning be damned, live for Thursday night. It will likely sell out AND be sweaty as all get-out. Be prepared for a spazz-dance workout, you wacky kids! This could be the show of the week. I highly recommend you pick up Matt and Kim’s self-titled debut here and the Death Set’s latest release Worldwide here.

But for now, take these complimentary magical, musical pills and get pumped:

Matt and Kim:

Matt and Kim – “No More Long Years”

Matt and Kim – “Verbs Before Nouns”

The Death Set:

The Death Set – “Negative Thinking”

The Death Set – “Impossible” (Dan Deacon Remix)

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