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Wye Oak drop in for a Daytrotter Session!

So we’ve covered Wye Oak extensively, exclusively and excruciatingly in-depth, breaking out new material via the Baltimore Taper, often before songs were even named or had shed their studio monikers, then dropping the real names!

It looks like Daytrotter is finally jumping on the bandwagon, as their most recent session features possibly the most precious and musically maverick-y duo in all of Charm City.  There’s one new song that Jenn broke out especially for the sesh.  Kudos kids, keep on killing it!  Alliteration.  Also, I love the Daytrotter artwork, though at times it can be as indecipherable as the typefaces of some metal bands’ names.

Black Cab Sessions are genius…and Beach House "Heart of Chambers" video

So…fancy yourself a Daytrotter fan? Well they’ve got nothing on these guys. Welcome to Thunderdome. The gauntlet has been laid, my dear friends.

The gist is this: grab your favorite indie artists, including Spoon, Daniel Johnston, Okkervil River the National, and Elvis Perkins…stick them in the back of a cab and have them play. Whilst driving around. Genius.

In other news…Beach House’s record release went swimmingly last night at the G-Spot. Check out their latest video, just released, for track “Heart of Chambers” after the jump.
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Another great Daytrotter session…

Great Daytrotter session with Casiotone for the Painfully Alone released this week. Casiotone is the solo project of Redwood City, California’s Owen Ashworth.

Started in 1997 after he dropped out of film school, he has become one of the foremost names in lo-fi, indie toy-tronica, specializing in affectuous songwriting and remarkably warm, emotional music produced from cheap toy keyboards.

I have quite an affinity for artists who endeavor to make personal, affecting music from traditionally cold and sterile sound sources like the presets on cheap Casio keyboards or more broadly, any electronics. More to come on this in our interview with Say Hi (To Your Mom).

In the meantime, check out Casiotone’s Daytrotter session here. And enjoy these vids of Casiotone and Say Hi.

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Stripped down punk warmth, courtesy of the Thermals

I have a confession. I am addicted to Portland’s most-prominent purveyors of earnest, politically charged punk, the Thermals. I drove to NYC this past August to catch them with Ted Leo in the basin of NYC’s largest pool, drained, in the middle of McCarren Park.

I didn’t want to tell Ted, but I was there more for Hutch and Kathy.

Behold, the latest Daytrotter session here. Wherein the Thermals are doing their thing. Albeit with a little less of the frantic, lightspeed tempo of their reputed live shows.

And apparently, with hints of what the new album will sound like…and I personally cannot wait. Couple vids off The Blood, The Body, The Machine for you after the jump.

Has dissent-punk ever been this endearing, heartfelt and fun? And during this election year, has it ever been more needed?

The Thermals – “Pillar of Salt”

The Thermals – “Returning to the Fold”