Department of Eagles – In Ear Park (4AD)

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MP3: Department of Eagles – In Ear Park

Department of Eagles new album (much like everything else Grizzly Bear’s Dan Rossen touches) is overflowing with mysteriousness and innovation–– a seminal creation that at times even overshadows some of Grizzly Bear’s better creative output.

That being said, everyone from Yellow House except Ed Droste did have some form of direct musical input in DOE’s second official release. In addition to Mr. Rossen, two more Grizzlies joined in–– with Chris Taylor lending his cozy, intimate production/engineering techniques, as well as Chris Bear drumming up a quiet storm on select tracks. Read the rest…

Grizzly Bear @ Music Hall of Williamsburg (NYC)

[All photography by Joe Pepin. Photo collages by myself.]

I found myself feeling pretty conflicted walking out of the Music Hall of Williamsburg after seeing Grizzly Bear for the second time in the flesh. As songwriters and performers, they are the cream of the crop, and I can assuredly say that Yellow House has changed my life, and my direction artistically.

When I saw them at 2640 Space here in Baltimore, I didn’t expect much. Their records are so meticulously calculated with textures and ambiance, I honestly didn’t expect them to be able to recreate much or any of that in a live situation.

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Whartscape 2K8 Photo Exhibit!

All photos and words courtesy of our in-house photog Caleb Moore!

Dear Baltimore,

Love of my life. Dastardly deamon of colors, body odor, and DIY artstuffs. Shitstorm of creativity and inspiration. A mistress after my own heart, and many many others.

I want you to know I will be bringing many friends to share your scarred, beautiful body. We will feast on it.

You’ve taught me so many things in my one short year as your humble resident. I don’t know where to begin. This was a truly epic, exhausting weekend for all; Whartscape being a most inspiring cavalcade of electronic wizardry, acoustical sublimation, and performance arting.

This is an event that makes dealing with your less attractive qualities ALL WORTH IT. This is why you are being seen (for better or worse) as a mecca of art and music, right under NYC! A cheap, dirty, violent, spastic mutation of your aforementioned big brother.

Whartscape is a culmination of the spirit, energy and honest artistic effort that you are becoming known for.

I just wanted to say thanks for everything, and fuck the police.



Miscellaneous Items of Interest (in no particular order):

  • Where did all of these attractive people come from? Where are you all hiding? (I’m talking to you, girl with the red patent leather fanny pack and checkered ray bans)
  • Greg Gillis’ side project– Why, Why, Why is that girl in the band? What did she do exactly? Play off beat on purpose and “sing”? Whose girlfriend is this? Am I supposed to be asking these questions? Is that all a part of the master plan?
  • Ray bans are getting a bit out of control in this town. For that reason, I will cry a single tear.
  • EAR PWR will save the free world.
  • Beach House has saved my soul. And they are the cutest band alive.
  • That kid with the rash on his arms and the crazy eyes. I don’t want to say anything else because he might actually be special.
  • Double Dagger– while throwing a tom into the crowd might seem like a good in the heat of the moment, the kid that got hit in the head with it will likely disagree. Control the rage, or instantly lose the respect of potential fans. Ed. Note: Actually, I am pretty sure I saw the big guy after the set and he seemed damn happy to meet Double Dagger. The bleeding head just seemed to irritate him. I could be wrong though…
  • Ed Schrader should always wear a leotard.
  • Narwhalz (of sound). The hater that we loved to hate love. Please come back and talk more shit about our town, you kicked so much ass.
  • There’s NOTHING gay about interpretive dancing.
  • Why is White Williams such an ambivalent hard ass (see below)? And since when does he play droney electronic ambiance?
  • Baltimore is SMALL. I mean SMALL. Don’t make enemies here.
  • Chruches get really dank and sticky when you cram 300+ hipsters into them.
  • Lizz King, props to you for being neck-down-naked and melting your own face off almost.
  • Creepers.

These are in no order whatsoever (kind of). Please enjoy, and buy me a detachable flash for xmas. Read the rest…

Girl Talk (Gregg Gillis) – Feed the Animals (Illegal Art)

New Girl Talk Album

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MP3: Girl Talk – No Pause

I guess I’m going to music industry hell.

Last Thursday morning, Girl Talk’s fourth official release, “Feed the Animals” was made public by Illegal Art, posted for download on the record company’s website, using the illustrious “pick your own” pricing schematic.

And…. I didn’t pay a single cent for it.

The peeps at illegal art made a few changes to the “Radiohead Model” of online aural distribution– After paying $0.0– the website asked me why. Great idea. Why not gain some insight into the demented brains of cheapskates, hobos, and assholes like me!

Read the rest…

Cut Copy @ Sonar

Cut Copy rounded out our drunken, sweaty Saturday evening at Sonar–– finishing up what seemed to be a pretty solid evening with Ponytail and Black Kids (see previous post). After arriving late and catching the last two songs by Black Kids, I must say I was mad at my self for missing most of their show. A part of me can’t help but hate them for all their cutesy singalong popiness, and the hype that has surrounded them–– but damn it sounded and felt great.

As far as Ponytail goes, if I don’t make it to their next show (Talking Head, May 28th) I might have to physically slap myself. Read the rest…

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