One Track Mind: “Take It In” – Wye Oak


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MP3: Wye Oak – Take It In from the forthcoming 2009 LP The Knot

Our friends Jenn and Andy, perhaps better known outside Baltimore as Wye Oak, have dropped the first bombshell from their sure-to-be-huge sophomore album on vaunted label Merge Records.  The premiere track “Take It In” is one we actually premiered on this site a long time ago as an untitled new song in their live set from the If Children re-release at the G-Spot (courtesy the Baltimore Taper).  It is undoubtedly one of their best songs, and has long been a favorite of mine.

The invaluable peek at the new album’s sound records for posterity what all of us in the area have known for quite some time now: Wye Oak’s sound is continuously growing bigger and more textured, getting closer and closer to their multi-instrumental visions.  Their live sets have told us to expect healthy amounts of harmonium.

One of the most noticeable accents they’ve made on this track in the recording process was adding in the quavering ebb and recede of what could be a pedal steel melody (not surprising considering their penchant for roots folk and the recording of the album in western Maryland), hovering above the entire mix, organically flowing between the role of atmospheric drone and occasionally dipping in to harmonize with and bolster Wasner’s still-gorgeous vocals.

Listening to how they’ve recorded this track, I can’t wait to hear how they’ve finished off “For Prayer,” easily one of their most moving, soaring tracks that really lets Jenn rock out.

Check out our past, extensive coverage of these Aural States Fest alums, and our in-depth interviews here and here.  Their live sets are nothing short of phenomenal.  Stay tuned for more in-depth Wye Oak news as their new album approaches.

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  1. “Take It In” is as good as any other Wye Oak tune. I am eagerly awaiting the release of the album, as well as the upcoming Metro Gallery shows.

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