Live Review / Photos: Double Dagger, Videohippos @ Floristree (2009.05.22)

What a great vibe and great show this past Saturday Friday (thanks for noticing that, Jeff) at Floristree.  I walked in to a fully-ramped Videohippos set that had more than motivated the healthy-sized audience with some stellar, dance-ready hooks and decently complementary neon-colored projections.  The most noticeable thing was how few familiar faces I noticed scanning the throbbing throngs and bobbing heads.  The first show that felt like a summer show for me, and there were all kinds of fresh, young faces complete with the energy that accompanies such a blissful clean slate.

Double Dagger furthered their legend, delivering as intense and tight a set as I think I’ve seen from them, at least in recent memory.  The biggest change was probably how happy and refreshed they seemed to be,   It was also one of their most well-paced and constructed sets, opening with the building tumult of “Neon Gray” revving the anticipiation from the crowd like a finely tuned racecar, then ripping through a set list culled almost entirely (and appropriately) from the release in celebration, More.  ”No Allies” is as ferocious as ever, and is easily coming to rival long-time favorite “Luxury Condos for the Poor” for the most vigorous fan reaction.  The juxtaposition of the sublime intro in the follow-up song (“Vivre Sans Temp Mort”) worked, resonating remarkably well as a showcase of new emotions that Double Dagger can effectively pluck live.  More highlights included the obvious encore of “Luxury Condos” and a spectacular performance of More’s addictive lead single “The Lie / The Truth,” complete with high-energy cameo and backup vox from Sam Herring of Future Islands.  Despite a plethora of technical speedbumps, notably the loss of Bruce’s backup vocal mic, the set lost almost no momentum and raged right on til morning.

Check out the live audio here, and Double Dagger photos after the jump (Nolen-heavy given my poor vantage point, no slight intended Bruce & Denny).


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5 Responses to “Live Review / Photos: Double Dagger, Videohippos @ Floristree (2009.05.22)”

  1. Jeff says:

    “What a great vibe and great show this past Saturday at Floristree.”

    Yo man, wake up! The show was Friday.

  2. matt says:

    A great thing about Double dagger show’s is that Nolen always delivers a line that I find myself laughing about for days after the show.

    At whartscape 2008 it was “you’re not from Japan, you’re just in art school. Don’t worry we’ve all been there.”

    Saturday night, after a kid did a back flip off the stage into the crowd and ended up on the floor, it was “Is the kid who thought this was pearl jam alright?”

    This show was a really great time, but it saddened me because we dont have anything remotely close to this in D.C.

  3. Rob Brulinski says:

    Nolan also once said (after finding a rock on the ground) “did the trust fund art kids from new jersey bring this as a token of acceptance?” then when he realized the guy who set up the show (at UMBC) did not even come to it he dropped the mic and left for 5 minutes!

  4. Erudito Musical says:

    mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm y que es ese wey

  5. Erudito Musical says:

    quien es??????””””

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