Wye Oak drop in for a Daytrotter Session!

So we’ve covered Wye Oak extensively, exclusively and excruciatingly in-depth, breaking out new material via the Baltimore Taper, often before songs were even named or had shed their studio monikers, then dropping the real names!

It looks like Daytrotter is finally jumping on the bandwagon, as their most recent session features possibly the most precious and musically maverick-y duo in all of Charm City.  There’s one new song that Jenn broke out especially for the sesh.  Kudos kids, keep on killing it!  Alliteration.  Also, I love the Daytrotter artwork, though at times it can be as indecipherable as the typefaces of some metal bands’ names.

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  1. Another great Daytrotter session…Great Daytrotter session with Casiotone for the Painfully Alone released...

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  1. Thanks for pointing this out. I have Daytrotter bookmarked, but rarely venture to the site because they rarely have Baltimore bands. Still, it pisses me off that Jennings played with them again…until we get a shot at seeing Wye Oak and Pontiak together, they should stop parading around with each other. Makes me sick!

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