Department of Eagles – In Ear Park (4AD)

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MP3: Department of Eagles – In Ear Park

Department of Eagles new album (much like everything else Grizzly Bear’s Dan Rossen touches) is overflowing with mysteriousness and innovation–– a seminal creation that at times even overshadows some of Grizzly Bear’s better creative output.

That being said, everyone from Yellow House except Ed Droste did have some form of direct musical input in DOE’s second official release. In addition to Mr. Rossen, two more Grizzlies joined in–– with Chris Taylor lending his cozy, intimate production/engineering techniques, as well as Chris Bear drumming up a quiet storm on select tracks.

Joining the mix, as always, is Rossen’s former roommate and long-time musical co-conspirator Fred Nicolaus.

In Ear Park (out October 7th) is a warm living room. A foyer with an old, worn in reading chair that invites you into it’s arms. Slowly, smoothly, you thaw. If you are a fan of Grizzly Bear, buying this album will NOT leave you disappointed. Great songwriting, inventive musical changes and an overall lush and cozy feel that will wrap you up in a woolen straitjacket of harmonies and nu-wop mastery.

For one more taste, visit their myspace! Pre-order the album and get a free 7″ single!!

ALSO, catch Department of Eagles live for the first and possibly last time ever:

10.06.08 • The Bell House • 149 7th St. Brooklyn NY

*shamelessly obvious photo montage by me

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  1. laurent says:

    I am so in love with this album right now.

  2. Rob C says:

    I am so in love with the writer of this review, what literary flourishes—grandeur pictures fill my mind. Good job C.

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