Whartscape 2008 will eat your children…with awesomeness.

Oh boy, get your armor on. This is gonna be intense in the best way. I am going to Bonnaroo, but honestly, I will probably have a much better time when Whartscape rolls around.

I personally cannot wait.

From Myspace bulletin this morning:

yes! wham city presents to you the third whartscape. it is upon us. this year the beast has grown to 4 days and will take place at locations throughout baltimore.

Black Dice
Beach House
Dan Deacon
Parts and Labor
Bird Names
Jana Hunter
The Deathset
The Mae Shi
Skate Dog (Gregg Gillis)
Killer Whales
Double Dagger
Thank You
Teeth Mountain
WZT Hearts
Lexi Mountain Boys
Ecstatic Sunshine
Video Hippos
Leprechaun Catering
The Creepers
and like 50 more TBA

exact final lineup, advance ticket sales, locations, and everything else will be announced in the near future. keep your bones hard and your skin fresh.


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6 Responses to “Whartscape 2008 will eat your children…with awesomeness.”

  1. Holy Moly! When they say that the shows will take place at different locations, I hope to god the shows don’t overlap.

  2. Caleb Moore says:

    i would kindly sacrifice my chiltrun to whartscapes!

  3. butter team says:

    this will be a complete shit show – glad to see the WC team building on (and now surpassing) some of their more traditional Bmore summer festival peers

  4. Daily Breather says:

    Holy shit!

  5. dave gibson says:

    Hey Just checking in tho see if / were the organizers for this event are still considering bands to be included in whartscape this year. Please let me know. We’de love to be involved. Thanks.

    Dave Gibson

  6. [...] glee, I anxiously awaited for Cex to perform. Since I only attended days 3 and 4 of Bmore’s Whartscape festival this summer, I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect. The next thing I knew, I heard the [...]

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