I can’t find anything remotely interesting going on this weekend. I guess I’m resigning myself to sitting on my couch and watching the ACC basketball tournament. I might be okay with that.

But did I miss something? Is there anything going on this weekend? Post suggestions here so I can go get drunk and embarrass myself among perfect strangers (after my alma mater UNC takes it all).

I’ve been looking around, and here’s a list of things that I can’t get exited about:

Reaction at Sidebar on Friday night
. Come on, it’s drizzling outside.

Buying a Wham City-Box-o-crap at Atomic Books… even if it is heralded by the Whitney Museum.

Watching the intentionally shocking and emotionally deadening Funny Games at the Charles. (By the way, did anyone else hate No Country for Old Men?)

Getting help with preparing my taxes at Enoch Pratt on Saturday.

Yep… I guess it’s basketball for me.

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