Stars Interview (w/ Amy Milan)

Stars are one of the many indie darlings spewing out of our more caring and common sensical neighbor to the north known as Canada.

Amy Milan (also of BSS), while touring in Australia, took a few brief moments to briefly, yet whimsically, answer some questions I emailed over to her.

See what she had to say/text/email, along with a few vids after the jump…

Aural States- What impulses fuel your work?
Amy- Sad faces, alcohol, light, dark, death, sex

AS- How did the latest album materialize?
Amy- In bedrooms and basements. Late nights and forgiveness.

AS- How do you feel it differs from your previous work?
Amy- I never know how to answer that question-stars is a band that has a certain flavour that is present on all of our records. We love hooks.

AS- Describe the general themes, as you see them.
Amy- Drug dealer love, sex love, gay footballer rough sex love, ambiguous sex, ambiguous desire.

AS- Your lyrics are very much narrative-driven. What draws you to this structure of song-writing? Major lyrical influences?
Amy- People are interesting. Every person has a story that could break your heart.

AS- There was a fairly well-publicized scuffle between Torquil and the Microsoft of indie-web-coverage, Pitchfork. What are your feelings on that situation now that things have cooled?
Oh god, I honestly can’t even remember the whole thing.

AS- Torquil once commented that he thought the idea of pop was partly an exercise in the ridiculous, that “It should be simultaneously beautiful and profound and ridiculous.” Could you say a little more about that concept and how you think this perception informs your brand of pop, specifically on the latest album?
Amy- Its ridiculous to care about two crack dealers who are in love. But it is the most beautiful thing in the world for them. It is ridiculous to have a sample in a keyboard called “sounds of time” but maybe in fact it IS the sound of time.

AS- You’ve mentioned a lot of your canonical influences like the Smiths and New Order, but what are some peers that you feel are really knocking it out of the park, in any genre?
Amy- You go “domakesaythink”!

AS- How was your European tour?
Amy- Lots of love from the peeps in the towns with many steeples.

AS- Do you prefer international or North American tours?
Amy- I love it all.

AS- Have you played Baltimore?
Amy- NEVER!!!

AS-Parting words for Baltimore-area fans and readers?
Amy- The Wire is the best television show in history. I hope that Bunk comes to our show.

Stars – Your Ex-Lover Is Dead

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