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Preview: Hampdenfest 2009 (2009.09.12)

HF09_SMALLThanks to Benn from Atomic for the heads-up exclusive scoop on Hampdenfest performances this year!  Looks super-solid.

The festival starts at 11. The Barrage Band Orchestra is a marching band that will march through the festival from 11 - 11:45.

The bands playing on stage will start shortly after that. And they run up til 7PM. Then usually there are post-festival shows at Golden West Cafe, El Rancho Grande and Fraziers.

Each stage is going to be hosted by performers from the Bar Bacon Comedy Night – so comedians.

There is also a film festival scheduled to take place all day in the Hampden Family Center.

And finally – a special guest appearance by Double Dagger tribute band - DAGGER DOUBLES – made up of Benn Ray and former Double Dagger members Brian Dubin, Mag Sabo.

STAGE SCHEDULE (updated Fri Aug 21)

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