VHS or Beta @ the Middle East, Cambridge MA 2008.04.07

Welcome our first contribution from Jason Shepherd, previous Baltimorean ex-planted to Boston. Here’s his take on VHS or Beta’s show at the Middle East.

All photos: Flickr user ryan97ou, shot @ the Ottobar, Baltimore MD

Monday night is usually one of the quietest nights for a show, but the crowd that gathered for the VHS or Beta show in Cambridge, MA, was full of energy from the get go.

The downstairs at the Middle East has a similar feel to the Black Cat in DC, one can be intimate with the band but still have good sound..and easy access to a full bar. I saw VHS last year when they set out touring their new album “Bring on the Comets”. They were rather flat then and still sorting out the kinks of playing the new songs live. This night, they really lived up to their lyrics, setting the night on fire!

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