A New Era Approaches…Aural States v3.0, Boston/Cambridge

Photo credit: Christopher Tidy

So I’ve been MIA for a while. What of it? I was forced into hibernation to concentrate on my career for a bit, and now I’ve emerged stronger than ever! I recently accepted an intellectually exhilarating postdoc position at MIT in Boston, so Aural States HQ and the bulk of my written content will be shifted to the scene up north when I move come January. However, I’m still planning on keeping some eyes and ears open and on the ground for Baltimore-DC area scene, the crucible of Aural States. But we’ll discuss the future of AS a little later when I’m settled in Cambridge, and not when I’m doing a million things trying to wrap up here in Baltimore.

To come be a part of history (however insignificant), come see me present my research work from the past 6 years (“The immunomodulatory and anti-HIV effects of minocycline in CD4+ T cells.”) and become a doctor this Friday Dec 3rd. The seminar will be held at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, Ross Research Building G007 at 3:00PM (2:45PM for light and limited refreshments). All are welcome.

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  1. Brian says:

    congrats greg! we’ll miss you dearly!

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